How to install node.js on Linux

How to install node.js on Linux

How to install node.js on Debian-based Linux distros (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint etc)

1 - Install the dependencies (chances are you’ve already got most of these)

sudo apt-get install g++ curl libssl-dev apache2-utils

2 - Then install git (you may already have that too)

sudo apt-get install git-core

3 - Clone the node git repo…

git clone git://

4 - Then install

cd node ./configure make sudo make install

How to fix adb error: protocol fault (couldn't read status): Undefined error: 0

To resolve the issue protocol fault (couldn't read status): Undefined error: 0

Execute following commands killall adb
adb kill server
adb devices

Arduino Mega 2560 + Infrared Speed Sensor

Challenge: Measure the wheel rotation speed


  1. 1 pcs 4 PIN IR Infrared Speed Sensor Module 3.3V-5V For Arduino
  2. Arduino Mega 2560
  3. 4 Cables Solderless Dupont Wire for Breadboard type M-F, 50V

Using the 4 cables M-F connect the following pins

Sensor Arduino
VCC 3.3 V
D0 8
A0 A0



What is Libimobile? It's a library to communicate with services of Apple iOS devices using native protocols. I find this tool especially helpful in QA to help hunt for bugs and allows me to pull crashlogs and device info quickly.  If you have used ADB logcat for tailing Android logs then this will look very familiar. Below are my installation instructions on how to install and run on Mac
All source and credits are here:

How to setup a git repository to post commit notifications to Slack

Step 1: Create a bare repository

To create a new repository on your server named foo.git, first connect to your server, then run the following commands:

# Navigate on your server to the desired repository location cd /desired/path
# Create the directory mkdir foo.git # Navigate inside the new directory cd foo.git
# Initiate a bare git repository git init --bare --shared=2664

How to move Jenkins to other one computer

Hi everyone! A few days ago I faced with task to move Jenkins from Max OS X to Ubuntu machine. The original Jenkins contained a lot of jobs and setups.  So I was need to find the way to move Jenkins with all Jobs and setups. This way was found and I'm going on to provide instruction how to do your life easier :)